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Hi! Not sure if the forums are still active but hello anyway
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 Maiden flight of my aero bb

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PostSubject: Maiden flight of my aero bb   Sat Nov 20, 2010 10:33 am

Granted it was a few months ago, I scratch built this plane and designed it around the blue-baby trainer, It floats like a dream but I had to redo the landing gear as it was a little on the weak side.
Its a 52" kfm3 wingspan and has an internal camera pod, Its one of my biggest planes and still fly's to this day.
Watch the video and the false start was purely intentional, Ian worked the camera while I trimmed the plane I could not resist Twisted Evil
Still no better buzz than seeing something fly you built/designed yourself.
Still a few planes in the hanger you aint seen yet but that's another story. Wink

I'm now sure Phil D learnt to land watching this video ( sorry m8 could not resist Very Happy)
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Maiden flight of my aero bb
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